An introduction to Golphinforkids

We are proud to announce our new junior golf development range!

An Introduction to Golphinforkids


We're so excited to now stock and sell the new Golphinforkids range! Their entire ethos is something we also follow, focused on providing children with an enjoyable, fun filled and confidence building experience they will love from the moment they step onto the green.

Aerospace technology has been applied to these new golf club product designs to ensure the weight to strength ratios work perfectly for young kids aged 3 to 11 years.

Have a look at this great video of the tests carried out at Strathclyde university!

The advantages of these clubs are as follows;

- These clubs have a weight 30% lighter than traditional junior clubs leading to a more balanced swing, less fatigue, improved hinge and rotation and an improved swing plane

- Oversized club heads. Typically golphinforkids iron heads have a 35 % larger sweet spot. This results in less fresh air shots, more connections leading to increased confidence.

- Kids want to see the ball fly high in the air - golphinforkids oversized grooves, material distribution and shaft technology - all combine to get the ball flying high.

- The R&A selected and purchased golphinforkids exclusively for junior coaching at the 2014 Open Championship PGA Swingzone

- Francais Federation de Golf – aligned to The Ryder Cup legacy program, Golf National, have purchased golphinforkids to assist their kids golf development program

- Confederation of Golf Ireland, European Junior Golf Tour, Junior Ryder Cup, Golf Educetiv in France, TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) have all endorsed, promoted or use Golphinforkids to assist their programmes.

- The clubs are available for both left handed and right handed mini golfers! Individual clubs start from £21.99 with a full set (five clubs plus a carry bag) retailing at £149.99

Here are some FAQ's telling you everything you need to know about golphinforkids!

How do golphinforkids clubs differ from standard clubs?

They are designed specifically for children
and golfing beginners. They use aerospace alloys to make the clubs 30% lighter than traditional
junior clubs, whilst the iron clubheads are 35% larger than other standard junior clubs, making them easier to hit. The high flight grooves and clubhead geometry, meanwhile, make it easier to get the ball airborne.

Which age group will benefit most from golphinforkids?

The clubs have been made with three to 11-year-olds in mind. However, some PGA pros also use them to coach adult female beginners.

What types of clubs are available?

There are two options: a Starter Edition, available now, and an Advanced Edition, which is planned for launch in Spring 2015. The Starter Edition is designed for kids who are just starting out in. The Advanced Edition will be for kids who have reached a basic level of capability and who are ready to use a club closer to an adult style of club.

Pop in store now to see our range of clubs or for more information call us on 0117 9709070.