Bows at the ready...

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to think about how you can get active in the sunshine. If you’re looking for a new social sport to enjoy this summer and have always fancied yourself as a bit of a Robin Hood, why not try your luck with archery?

Man pulling bow

Often regarded as an archaic sport, here at Windmill we are seeing an increase in the amount of people wanting to try this precision-based activity. Archery works to improve your hand-eye co-ordination, enhancing your accuracy whilst also strengthening your core, arms and shoulders. It improves your ability to focus, whilst offering stress-relief and a surprising feeling of relaxation.

Even though it is isn’t an intense workout, archery helps define your upper body, and as the game involves a lot of walking to fetch bows and to move between targets, you won’t just be stood around all day.

Bow and arrow target shooting

At Windmill you can book 30-50 minute sessions to practice your aim with a friend or partner. Additionally, if you fancy throwing a different kind of hen or stag do, our archery range caters for wedding parties who want to have an activity-based celebration. For children or adults, birthday packages are easily arranged, providing refreshments to spur on the teams. We also offer a range of competitions and prizes to turn up the heat.

Here’s what one of customers said about their first time trying archery with us:

"We enjoyed the pleasure of our 1st archery lesson at Windmill Leisure. Our instructor Adrian was friendly, polite, welcoming and most of all very patient. By the end of the session he had me hitting the centre gold with every arrow. The venue also catered very well to my nine year old son. Rather than have the standard circled target he was supplied with a full colour cartoon Zombie to hit for points with a junior bow set. 
Safety was a top priority and we were supplied with all the protective gear that the sport required, as well as told where was safe to stand and how to safely remove the arrows from the target board. Very impressed over all and will be returning for more sessions."

If you fancy giving archery a go but want more of an introduction, we will be offering two archery roll-up sessions this month, on Friday 20th May (5:30-6:30pm) and Wednesday 25th May (6:00-7:00pm). These sessions are just £6 per person and suitable for ages 5+.

Archery is a great sport for challenging your friends and seeing who is the ultimate king or queen of the forest. If Robin Hood and Merida from Brave can do it, why can’t you?

To book a session, call us on 0117 970 9070 or drop us an email at