Fishing Match Results & Carp Lake Sunday 30th October

Eighteen keen anglers turned up to fish our open match today. Many of the bigger carp were caught, a few tench, mostly the smaller skimmers and roach. Well done to all who fished.

Well done to Gerry Welsh who came first, he had a lovely day catching mostly the bigger carp in peg 32 with 72-6oz. Gerry fished with the pole on both sides of the margins with maggot. Stuart Barnett came second in peg 28 with 44-6oz. Stuart fished the straight lead to the island and the long-pole, catching on pellet and meat. Jon Clark came third in peg 27 with 36-9. Jon fished long-pole with maggot. Well done to John Barker who came first in the silvers in peg 2 with11-5oz.

Weather was dry, overcast with no wind.


     Position                                         Name                                            Peg                                    Weight(lb-oz.)        
 1st  Gerry Welsh  32  72-6
 2nd  Stuart Barnett  28  44-6
 3rd  Jon Clark  27  36-9
 4th  Mark Summerhayes  24  35-0
 5th  Steve Jefferies  5  31-12
 6th  Bob Warren  3  29-7

 Silvers winner-John Barker in peg 2 with 11-5oz.

Photos-Steve Jefferies with a 10lb carp. Some of the fish in the net which Gerry Welsh caught. Below-John Barker with his silvers.


 Carp Lake

Mark Knight fished at the back of the island, catching over ten carp, some of these in double figures. Mark catches regular on CC Moore tuna boilies, These boilies work well on the lake.