Fishing Match Results for Sunday 28th August

We had a well attended Match on Sunday with the Top 6 positions all achieving over 70lb hauls. The lakes have been fishing well & with a nice mix of our regular competitors as well as some new faces taking on the challenge! Congratulations to D Wilmot with a winning score of 114lbs 12 oz & B Ferris winning the Silvers with a catch weight of 16lbs 4 oz respectively. Next Match: Sunday 11th August

Match Results

Sunday 28th August

Match Lake

(15 Pegs used)

       Position                                    Name                                             Peg Number                           Weight (lbs/oz)              
1st  D. Wilmot  8   114/12
2nd   M. Summerhayes  26  91/8
3rd   J. Clark  13  74/10
4th   A. Crawley  20  73/10
5th   B. Price  10  73/4
6th   P. Haines  18  72/2



       Position                                      Name                                         Peg Number                          Weight (lbs/oz)             
 1st B. Ferris   24  16/4


Best wishes & Tight Lines, Terry - Fishery Manager