Fishing Results

Sunday 28th Feb - Golden Peg

Nick Saunders wins the Golden Peg once again.

Back for some more weekend fishing, first place went to Nick Saunders from Peg 24. Nick landed a whopping 101.3lb of Carp, fishing the long pole with sweetcorn. Well done Nick, says Terry, Fishery Manager.

Second place went to Dave Hains, from Peg 25, who caught a fish weighing 51.12lb. Dave fished 8m Pellet on tip.

Next, in third place was Luke Pester, from Peg 3. Luke landed 34.0lb of Carp, fishing with soft pellet on the long pole.

The Silvers League was won by Steve Dawson from Peg 27 with 12.4lb.

Sunday 6th March

First place went to Martin Rayet (below), from Peg 26, fishing the long pole with pellet. Martin managed to catch a weight of 93.3lb. Martin said he very much enjoyed the day, commented Terry.

Dave Wilmot, from Peg 27, came in second place, fishing the pole in the margins. Dave caught a weight of 60.9lb.

Third place was won by Glenn Bailey (below), from Peg 25, catching a 55.2lb fish. Glenn fished using the long pole with pellet, and caught his prize late in the match.

The Silvers league was won by Mike Nichols (below), with a 10.0lb catch. Mike landed some big roach and shimmers.

Caring for the fish at Windmill - Terry saves the day

Last Sunday, 28th Feb, two carp were treated by Terry for wounds found on their sides when they were being weighed in.

This Sunday, 6th March, one of these fish happened to be caught again. Thankfully, Terry's nursing skills seemed to have done the trick, as the wound was almost completely healed. If anyone notices any injured fish, please inform Terry, so that they can be quickly treated.