How Can We Improve Your Game?

Understanding our own game is one of the fastest ways to improvement. Accepting our current level of ability without thinking we are better than we are. If we were, we would be!

What do we mean by that? Well, we are all different. Compared to the next player our mental attitude and our physical ability is different,  we all hit our clubs different distances, our swings are different, our stances, grips and posture are different. Our equipment is different. No two players are alike. We are individual.

As individuals we have achieved a level of success in our golfing life. This is where we are now. Some golfers are happy with that, others are not. It is natural to want to improve but where do we start?

Is it more distance, stopping the slice or hook, cutting out the bad shots, achieving the correct address, playing out of bunkers, greens in regulation, better putting, the list goes on. Chances are it is most of these things for the average golfer.

Discussing your game with a PGA Professional is a great start. Discussing your game with a PGA Professional with the right equipment to help you is even better.


Here at Windmill we have two of the most respected PGA Professionals in the country in Emma Brown and Adrian Smith.

We also have all the right equipment to help you achieve your goals including our latest aquisition, a GC2 Launch Monitor.

Having the confidence in your yardages is a great start to understanding what your abilities will allow you to do on the golf course.

What is a Launch Monitor?

The GC2 Launch Monitor is the latest product from Foresight Sports which uses an ultra-high-speed dual camera to measure ball flight and spin at club impact and launch.

The Launch Monitor records ball speed, spin (side, back and total), direction and launch angle to calculate carry and total distance. 


In the hands of our trained PGA professionals you will come to understand far more about your game than you thought possible. You no longer need to wonder why two consecutive balls react in different ways, why you slice or why you never seem to reach the greens in regulation.

Ring Ade or Emma on 01179 709070 to book a session and have your swing analysed. Coaching can't get much better than this!

Precision Loft/Lie Bending Machine

To compliment our custom fitting service we have invested in a Precision Loft/Lie bending machine. This means that any custom loft and lie angle alterations to your irons can now be actioned by us on site.

Loft and lie angles can be discussed and checked with our Pro's as part of our custom fitting service.