Sunday 18th October Sunday Open

Here are the results from last week's fishing competition.

We had another busy week at Windmill Fisheries, so busy we didnt get a chance to take any photos!

Match Lake

1st place - Mark Summerhayes fishing from peg 30 built up a weight of 66.3 lbs fishing the margins

2nd place - John Osbourne fishing from peg 6 with the long pole and soft pellet giving him a weight of 47.2 lbs

3rd place - Bob Price fishing from peg 18 with the feeder to the back of the island with a weight of 44.2 lbs 

Norman Ferris won the silvers on the match lake with a weight of 10.6 on soft pellet.

 Well done to all our winners!

Lost and found

We have got a few items that have been left behind we hope will find their homes again. Please visit the fishery cabin if you have lost.

- A large flask

- A water carrier

- A chair