Sunday 1st November Fishing Open

The results from last weeks fishing competition

Apologies for the delay in releasing the results for the open on the 1st November!

Our 1st place winner this week went to John Osbourne on Peg 26 with the long pole, he had a fantastic weight of 74.9 lbs! Well done John!

2nd place went to Dave Haines from Peg 1 with a total weight of 72.6 lbs, fishing the margins and with the straight lead. He just missed out on 1st place! 

The top 3 places were all very close, 3rd place was Bob Price fishing from Peg 18 with a weight of 66.6 lbs, Bob fished bread on the straight lead to the island and bottom bank

4th place went to Martin Alexander with 60.15 lbs, Martin also won the silvers competition with 13.7 lbs, congratulations to him!

5th place was Darren North with a great total weight of 54.8 lb.

Last but not least in 6th place was Jon Clark with a weight of 52.2 lbs from Peg 24

Congratulations to all who took part in the Fishing Open! 

As the nights draw in earlier it is not always possible to take photos, we will of course do our best as we also love having a look back at the successful catches of the afternoon!