Sunday 23rd August Marsdons Sunday Club Match Results

Here are the results from last week's Marsdons Sunday Club fishing competition.

The weather was rain and wind however the lake fished well with 23 anglers.

1st place was Andy Edwards on peg 28 fishing paste to the margins giving him a weight of 61.2 lbs

2nd place was Dave Holcoop on peg 10 with a weight of 50.8 lbs fishing the margins with 8mm pellets

3rd place was John Lovell with a weight of 43.10 lbs on peg 14 fishing with sweet corn

4th place was Mike Ball on peg 20 with 32.13 lbs fishing meat to the margins

It was great to see a junior in the club, Jamie Brown fishing peg 30 with 8mm pellet giving him a weight of 18.6 lbs

Make sure you join us for our Thursday open starting on the 27th August 9am draw. £10 all in, everyone welcome! Fishing from 10.15am - 4.15pm