The History of Archery

Taking a look back at how the bow and arrow began and how it came to be the popular sport it is today.

So we all have at one time in our lives thought how much fun it would be to be Robin Hood, firing arrows that will always hit target, of course the reality being it is not that easy.

So where does the history of archery begin? Was it with our green clothed hooded archer or was there perhaps an even earlier starting point?

Well, the official start date for when arrows started flying is a lot of guess work, however there have been bows found dating as far back as 2690 B.C. (+/- 120 years). This was perhaps used more for a scavenging tool, it wasn’t until 1066 when Duke William defeated King Harold that the long bow was developed as a weapon for war.

Even when the use of firearms developed in the 15th century, the fine art of archery was not forgotten, as much as its weaponry use was diminishing it became a sport for recreational purposes.

By 1673 the first archery tournament had commenced, which today is still an annual competition known as the Antient Silver Arrow. Today it is contested both nationally and internationally, its popularity increased significantly after the 2012 London Olympic Games.

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