The Latest from the Lakes

Fishing Open - Sunday 21st February

Well, the weather was typical February: cold, windy and wet, said Terry Fishery Manager.

The miserable weather didn't put the fishermen off, or the Canadian Geese, who have started arriving at Windmill to graze in the fields around the lakes.

The Match Lake was already being used on Sunday for the Glenfall match, so our Sunday open was held on the Carp Lake.

In first place was Norman Ferris, Norman landed small carp with a bonus mirror weighing 8.14lb. His total weight was 13.4lb. Well done Norman, says Terry.

Shaun Townsend came second with 12.8lb, which was a weight made up of all small carp. Shaun fished with both maggot and soft pellet.

Third place went to Martin Rayet with 5.3lb of small carp.

Glenfall Match at Windmill

First place went to Chris Davis from Peg 28 with 95.2lb Chris was a guest of Glenfall.

In second place was Tim Allen with 93.5lbs. Tim fished the method with worm on the hook, from Peg 17.

Third was Roger Putterhill from Peg 11, with 46.15lb. Roger caught on pellet feeder.

Fourth was Graham Millard with 37.8lb from Peg 10.

Fifth place went to Andy Bradley with 29.3lb fishing the corner of the island from Peg 6.

And sixth place went to Joe Thornbury.

Ray Bailey Silvers League, Thursday 25th February

First place went to Tony Rixon with 11.7lb and Tony caught from Peg 6.

Second place, from Peg 24 was Mike Nicholls with 9.3lb.

Third place was Dave Wride from Peg 25, with 8.14lb.

Fourth was Steve Dawson from peg 21, who fished the waggler as well as the pole landing 8.2lb.

Fifth was Bill Ferris, who fished from Peg 27, on the short pole and landed 6.5lb of silvers.

Sixth was John Barker who landed 5.15lb from Peg 22.

Thanks for coming everyone,” says Terry, Fishery Manager.