At Windmill Fishery we keep rules to the minimum to ensure preferred angling methods can be used.

However, we maintain certain guidelines for the benefit of our anglers and fish stocks. We would be grateful for your co-operation in observing the following:

  • If you fish at Windmill Leisure then we expect you to have a valid rod licence which can be purchased online from the Post Office
  • Alcohol and Drugs (other than prescription) are not permitted on site
  • Barbless or micro-barbed hooks only
  • No fish over 3lb in keep nets
  • Maximum Keep net weight 70lb (matches only)
  • All nets must be dipped in the tank provided and left to dry on the bank and put in the water 5 minutes before starting
  • Maximum of two rods
  • Unhooking mats must be used
  • Fishing from designated swims only
  • Please put litter in bins provided
  • Parking only in the designated areas
  • No fixed rigs to be used
  • No luncheon meat, cat meat, peas, nuts, bloodworm, joker or seeds to be used as bait
  • Thursday Roll-up Payout Rules
  • The overall catch can be made up of Carp and Silvers or Just Carp or Just Silvers.
  • In the event of an All Silvers catch winning a place in the first three and thereby winning a prize, the Silvers prize will be awarded to the next highest catch by default.
  • No angler can win any more than one prize per match.

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