Juniors (and Parents) Archery Sessions

| 18 June, 2019

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Juniors (and Parents) Archery Sessions

Windmill Leisure

All Day
23rd July 2019


Windmill Leisure

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What are Juniors (and Parents) sessions and who can take part?

Delivered by our Archery GB Level one coach, Chris, our junior and parent archery sessions are aimed at absolute beginners and new archers alike. Lasting 90 minutes per session, participants are guided through the basic elements of the sport including: the introduction of various types of archery available in the UK, what equipment is used, some basic elements of maintenance and the essential safety rules and etiquette of the sport. All of this is taught in a fun & sociable atmosphere including various archery games and mini competitions.

Skills and knowledge acquired during these sessions will help build up absolute beginners to a level where they are able to shoot independently, join an archery club, affiliate with Archery GB and World Archery and also provide an understanding as to what equipment they might wish to purchase, should they so wish. Newly affiliated archers will have the opportunity to develop their skills further by taking part in the activities and will receive some personalised advice to work on specific areas of their technique. These are fun child-oriented sessions where parents/grandparents/carers can join in (see prices) – adults must accompany a child.

What is the minimum age for taking part?

The starting age for these sessions is 8 years, although exceptions can be made on the coach’s discretion. Accompanying adults will be catered for with each participant receiving coaching appropriate to their age and experience. If enough adults take part, we will run some adult games and competitions alongside the children’s ones. Adults without children should consider doing one of our 30 or 50 minute archery taster experiences or take up adult specific group or private beginners courses.

What if I have additional needs?

Coaching can be customised to suit individual requirements. Please contact us to have a discussion with our coach if you think you may require additional support to participate.

When do these sessions take place?

They take place on Tuesday evenings, 6:00 to 7:30 pm and Friday mornings 10:30 am to noon. If you want to become archery GB registered you must do at least 6 sessions (9 hours total).

How many sessions do I need to attend?

You don’t need to commit to any specific number of sessions although if you are just trying the sport out, you may want to book on to one of our taster sessions. People who want to become archery GB qualified must do at least 6 sessions. You will be getting each session at a discounted price for booking a package of 6 and you can choose which of the dates you are able to attend (so don’t worry if you have a two week holiday booked). If you wish to do more than 6, you can top-up with additional sessions on a per session cost.

Where do these sessions happen?

These sessions are based outdoors and will begin on our purpose built short distance training range which has a covered shooting area. The targets, however, and front of the shooting area are exposed so we are subject the unpredictable weather. We always try to run sessions as normal but we may occasionally have to postpone or cancel sessions if the conditions make shooting unsafe.

How much is it?

PER SESSION: 1 CHILD = £12 / ADDITIONAL CHILDREN = £10 per additional child / ACCOMPANYING ADULT = £18

PACKAGE OF 6 SESSIONS: 1 CHILD = £60 (£10.00/session), ADDITIONAL CHILDREN = £45 (£7.50/session/additional child), ACCOMPANYING ADULT = £85 (£14.17/session)

Note: Members of Windmill Leisure (available seperately) receive a 20% discount on any tickets purchased. If booking a package please select the event which you wish to begin on and Windmill confirm your place on this one unless the session is already full in which case you will be offered an alternative. Subsequent sessions may be pre-booked by contacting a member of the team or you can attend on a first-come-first-served basis.

Places are limited! There will be between 3 and 8 participants on any single session. To reserve your place please book and pay in advance. Windmill Leisure reserves the right to cancel or postpone the event or sessions if ther are insufficient participant numbers or if weather and other unforeseen circumstances occur. On these occasions, every effort will be made to contact ticket holders at the earliest possible opportunity to discuss options and/or compensation.

Do I need any equipment to do this?

No, all equipment is provided and participants are only permitted to use their own equipment if they can provide evidence of current affiliation with Archery GB. Participants can receive advice on equipment selection during the sessions and beginners are strongly advised to not purchase any equipment before this. Participants must dress appropriately for this sport which means you must have footwear that encloses your entire feet (no sandals please), long hair should be secured out of the way and loose jewellery especially body jewellery should be removed. It is advisable to dress for the weather but in accordance with ArcheryGB rules, shoulders and mid-body should be covered and it is advisable to wear close fitting but flexible clothing.