New Year Archery Fun

| 04 January, 2019

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New Year Archery Fun

Windmill Leisure

10:00am to 04:00pm
12th January 2019


Windmill Leisure

0117 970 9070

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Fancy the chance to try a new sport for 2019? Come have a taste of archery at this special January New Year event!

Our Archery GB Level 1 Coach, Chris, will be giving you a brief 20 minute lesson in shooting real bows and arrows on our dedicated, covered archery range. You will be provided with safety equipment and given a brief demonstration of how to shoot before being guided to shoot some arrows yourself. This activity is suitable for all people aged 6 upwards and can be adapted to suit people with limited mobility and additional needs as well!

Sessions to start half hourly from: 10am, 10:30am, 12noon, 12:30pm, 1pm, 1:30pm, 2pm, 2:30pm,  3pm, and 3:30pm!

Cost: only £5 per person!

Important safety notices:

This activity takes place outdoors and participants are advised to dress appropriately for the weather conditions. Ideal clothing will be warm but also tight fitting as loose and bulky clothing will interfere with your shooting. Participants with long hair must tie this back or use headwear that will keep this out of the eyes. Jewellery should also be removed before taking part.

To save time before starting your lesson please carefully read the following:

When you arrive on the range you will see a white line and red line on the floor. The white line is called the “waiting line” and you should always remain behind this line when not shooting. When it is your turn to shoot, you will be called forward by the coach to the red “shooting line”. You can only load and shoot your bow from this line and you must always point your arrows at the designated targets. You must never pull the bow back and let it go without an arrow loaded. You must never point the bow (even without an arrow loaded) at anybody. You must never enter the archery range (walk beyond the red line) unless given permission by the coach and if so, always walk with caution.

Be safe and have FUN!