This course consists of 5 sessions on consecutive weeks and is delivered by our Archery GB Level one coach, Chris Liu. It takes participants through the main elements of the sport including introducing them to various types of bow and archery disciplines. This course is targeted at family groups of absolute beginners from 8 years upwards. Participants will experience the various types of Target Archery, equipment, rules & etiquette of the sport in a fun & sociable atmosphere. Coaching can be customised to suit individual requirements. Please contact us to have a discussion with our coach if you think you may require additional support to participate. This is particularly important if you have any medical conditions that may affect your mobility, sensory awareness, or communication.

All equipment is provided and participants are not permitted to use their own equipment for the course. If you really want to get in to archery we strongly recommend that you do not purchase any equipment before the course and have had the opportunity to learn about some of the different bows and disciplines available.

Sessions last 1.5 hours & include all equipment.

Places are limited! To reserve your place please book and pay in advance.